Martha Kelley

Product Design


Mobile App Development Case Study

Role: Product Designer



The Challenge

Determine a void in the landscape of project management software and develop a solution. Create a Project Management App that stands apart from the crowd.


The Proposal

Project management apps are either too complex or too simple. Taskly is an app that has all of the essential features and is easy to use for coordinating personal and work projects all in one place. 




Defining the user

After conducting a competitor SWOT analysis, a survey was sent out and in-person interviews were conducted to determine a set of users who were underserved by the available project management apps. This lead to the development of User Personas, Task Models and a Customer Experience Map that helped to focus the development of Taskly. 



Creating the structure

At this point it was clear there was space for an app that made project management easy, yet effective, and visually appealing. With a focus on developing only the essential features, I conducted an in-person card sorting exercise which lead to the development of a site map.




Developing Taskly was an iterative process that was revised based on user testing and feedback. The focus throughout the process was to make Taskly fun and engaging by prioritizing visual design and ease of use. Paper prototypes turned into digital wireframes that were tested and revised before moving forward.




Visual Design

The colors and style of Taskly were inspired by pencil and paper. Many users lamented how they still used notebooks to organize their ideas when starting a project, so I wanted to create a User Interface that was reminiscent of that experience. The logo of the paper airplane was inspired by the idea of sharing those pencil and paper ideas with an element of fun, simplicity, and beautiful design.




Interactive Prototype

After further user testing, I developed this interactive prototype of the "create a project" user flow. The focus is on creating a project as quickly as possible without feeling like important information was left out. The feedback was positive, with users commenting on how easy and visually appealing the app is.